Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Summertime is here...

Hello lovelies!
How are you all?

Are you excited?
Another season has left us and we are embracing a lovely new one....

....well in theory that's how it goes!
In truth and in reality we are actually still battoning down the hatches, wearing our thick bobble hats and sipping hot chocolate when we should be basking in the gentle sunshine.

I must admit that despite the coldness and grumbly clouds I do still love this time of year really.
I know 'Ol Blighty can be very unpredictable and provide us with torrents instead of 
gentle dribbly showers to cool us down but us true Brits always soldier on don't we!

Summer always makes me think of times gone by as I love watching all the different coloured blooms appear in my garden day by day and absolutely adore the short season for picking peas, strawberries, summer fruits, and so much more....

Every summer I love filling my  home with my homemade edible creations using homegrown delights just as my Nans would've done...

Jams, curds and jellies

Ice-creams, fools and stewed fruits

herb butters, flavoured oils and BBQ spice rubs

There is nothing more exciting than getting out all my books and deciding on which recipe I'm going to be using again or maybe an old favourite that comes out every year.

Sadly the weather is howling  like crazy outside while I write this and living in the Cambs Fens always makes things seem much worse....
The Fen winds whip across the flat lands creating eerie sounds which is certainly not what summer should be like!

But don't worry I'm undeterred....
my list has a gorgeous array of delicious delights so I will be ready for lazy summery days !

Fingers crossed the sun will return very soon and we can all enjoy some free Vitamin D, summer smiles and happy lazy times...

In the meantime a girl can dream :)

Happy Summer folks!!!

x x x


  1. Sun has just come out here, better late than never. Like you I love making all the delicious foods with the summers bounty. Thank you for taking the time to write your blog, I love reading it

    1. Thank you Carolynn for your lovely comments :)
      Glad it helps bring a smile to your day....
      Happy summer wishes!
      Tilly x


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