Wednesday, 24 June 2015

And they call me an expert???

Hello lovelies!
how are you all?

Gosh what a busy time of late it's been for little 'ol me...
I haven't had time to write for a little while.
I'm not complaining at all as I know I'm a lucky soul to be able to do what I love everyday of my life and actually call it work....
but just like the rest of you I have good days and bad and sometimes days that really should be left at the starting line!

Monday was one of those days if I'm being honest with you...

You see it takes a lot to get this old Fen bird flustered...
I am very patient 
I am very calm
I am as quiet as a mouse for most of the time

My years of working with children and young adults of all abilities and special needs has made me a very mellow girl who usually glides through life like a graceful swan with a huge smile on her face even when I may be a little flustered under the tides...

So what happened on Monday???
Well I'm taking a gamble telling you this little treasure because you all think I'm the expert and I would hate to dampen your illusions ...but this is why....

Create & Craft TV - Singer Sewing with the lovely Dean Wilson.
The show started fab and was all going brill until I got to doing one of my rehearsed demos,
a tiny little buttonhole attachment....
just that word makes me shudder now!

Live on air in front of thousands of lovely peeps my little buttonhole foot decided
not to play ball despite having practiced our routine all weekend just in case there were any glitches.
I had tried various sizes, various styles and I had it all sorted....
what could possibly go wrong?

I can't even begin to tell you how many buttonholes I've sewn over the years without even blinking and giving it a thought...

this little fella decided to play a wee little joke on me and just wouldn't do what 
I wanted it to do!

Oh my what was a girl to do other than smile sweetly at my presenter, perspire a little as us girls don't do sweating do we girls?
 and go a gorgeous shade of freckled scarlet...
and panic just a wee bit!
Did you see the frustration in my face or did I hide it?
You see at home I would probably have just walked away, made a cuppa and come back with fresh eyes to start again.
Live on TV is a different ball game and there is no such option!
i tried reasoning with it, I tried starting over again, I even tried a different button but alas no....
it was having none of it in front of thousands of eager eyed sewers.
Now in the grand scheme of things it really isn't a life or death situation is it?
it's just a button for goodness sake!

In true Blighty spirit of not being defeated I perservered and pushed through it while my lovely presenter carried on regardless until he saw my smile return... eh voila une buttonhole....

It had completely toppled me.

All I kept thinking was "how could something so tiny cause me to gain a few more grey hairs?"
and they call me the expert hey?
Mmmmm...I do wonder at times!
I love to chat for England and sew and crochet and embroider...
I can't stand wearing loads of make-up
I don't do fake tan
all I do is simply smile and be myself!
(not sure they have the right person at times despite my lovely Nan's advice for anything in life...)

Am I the only way who feels a completely dotty old woman at times that bumbles their way through the simplest of situations with a smile ..... no?
just me then...ha ha!

I have no idea why my lovely attachment wouldn't work.
The machine was perfect....
The button was perfect...
The cotton was perfect...
and off air when I tested it again it worked perfectly again...
NOT funny!
the joys of live TV hey?
Until that moment I had managed to cope with all the stress of working in TV throughout the day without a glitch for all my shows . 
The sewing was a doddle and I was in sewing heaven...


I'm thinking there should be a book of these tales somewhere!
The Dotty Tales of a Curly Haired Middle Aged Fen Bird (who pretends to be the expert!) 

I'm hiding with my big floppy hat amongst the foxgloves just in case the Paparazzi
come looking for this famous celebrity... 

If by any chance you did enjoy the programme and fancy some more Tilly Rose ramblings then tune in next Tues for some gorgeous English Paper Piecing.
Surely I can't manage to go wrong with that one do you think?
hand sewing, hand embroidery and loads of ideas

I absolutely LOVE what I do on TV but boy does it add a few more wrinkles on this 'ol girls face!

Have a lovely day my lovelies....
I will see you soon 

Happy stitching...



  1. Dear dear Tilly!! Yes, I watched the programmes (of course) and , yes, I experienced and felt with you the terror of things going wrong. I held my breath for you as Dean rambled on in the foreground and I sensed you desperately trying to sort it out in the background. You did absoloutely brilliantly. ...a true professional !! We all love you so please don't allow the pressure to get to you. XXXX

    1. Ha ha! Bless you.... glad it made you smile! I really did go a gorgeous blend of sunset red and then sickly yellow! :)

  2. Hope it all worked OK in the end, but there is nothing worse than demonstrating and then it goes wrong, been there!
    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Thanks hunny....par for the course I guess...but I live to tell the tale :)

  3. Tilly you did brilliantly to carry on regardless. I really felt for you. Machines ...who'd have 'em!! Well we probably could do without some of them but we really would not want to be without our sewing machines now would we?

  4. Hi Tilly,
    I had recorded your shows and watched them back to back. They were absolutely great and you did a cracking job even though that little devil was playing up! no, you didn't look flustered and remained the professional throughout.
    I can imagine how you felt, because I can remember ( years ago) when I was training staff and sometimes things went wrong. But, we just keep calm and carry on, as our mothers and grandmothers taught us.
    There are times when I just want to launch something out of my craft room window when something goes wrong, (and I have come close!) and I am the only one who can see what's wrong!
    Don't despair Tilly, you were great.
    Have a fab weekend x


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