Tuesday 1 December 2015

A Month of Smiles....

Hello my lovelies!

December is finally saying hello to us all...
Whoop! Whoop!
I do love this month.
(Can you tell?)

The reason?
Well, not for the obvious reason of the 'C' word but because in such a dreary time of year...wet, miserable, foggy, gloomy, and very dull our streets and homes are filled with such wonderful colourful smiles!

Last year Christmas was a no go area for us.
My hubby was facing major surgery a week before Christmas and so we decided to take the pressure off ourselves after such a stressful year and we cancelled any celebrations.

No cards were written and no pressies were given.
No Christmas baking or even any festive fare...

The only thing we managed to get ready was my lovely tree which my son decided to put up for us in readiness for when my hubby came home...

So, this year I intend to make up for lost time!
Hubby is now on his road to recovery finally and our family is so looking forward to 
being able to celebrate the special magic of Christmas all together in our little home...

Lots of glitzy decorations, loads of handmade gorgeousness, loads of  special pressies for everyone, loads of written cards and tons of fabulous festive baking & nibbles!

This year I intend to celebrate properly.
To celebrate the simple things in life.




Special moments to treasure

Happy December my lovelies!

x x x