Monday 27 July 2015

Vintage Fabric,Threads, & Cowslips...

Hello my lovelies!
Gosh it seems ages since I sat and wrote a little post...
I'm missing our hellos :)

I'm actually away on my hols at the moment and so finally I have some time to sit and doodle, and chill....

It's only been a week since leaving my little studio and Vintage Workshop and yet I feel 
I am getting withdrawal symptoms already from my crafty goodness!

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to visit a fabulous fair full of crafty loveliness that helped me re-connect again.

I wasn't even put off by the Cornish drizzle that continually drips like a tap as I ventured out into the countryside down the meandering lanes. 
The rain came sweeping across in front of me and at one point came lashing down so fast as though someone was throwing buckets of water at my little car like they used to do on Bruce Forsyth's Generation Game!
(You'd think coming from the Fens I would be used to being wet and damp but Cornish weather beats the Fens hands down!)

So, to say I arrived like a drowned rat by the time I had walked into the actual fair was not fair wrong!
I definitely needed cheering up!

I needed colour.
I needed fabrics.
I needed threads.
I needed crafty happiness...

I was met with smiles all round from the stall holders.
I was SO excited to meet up with my lovely friend Donna Flower 
Her stall was as beautiful as ever offering customers a range of gorgeous vintage goodies...

Whilst chatting to Donna, a lovely lady came and also said hello and completely made my day...

She explained how she watches me on Create & Craft TV and loves my way of designing and sewing which was lovely to hear.
but she went on to explain how she had recently lost her dear Mum and wanted to make something that would help preserve some of her precious memories and had been so inspired by my take on things that she was going to make a photo album cover.
I was very touched...

You see sewing really isn't just about necessity with repairs, or creating couture designs. 
It's not even about producing hundreds of cushions or a perfect patchwork quilt...
For me, it is about creating something very personal that means something to you or the person who may be receiving it.
It is always about making something that is designed and then made with a handful of love.
Something that comes from the heart...
If you create with your heart rather than your head, however good or bad your designs or stitching may be, then in my eyes you can never go wrong.

The very first memory album I made was a few years ago now when I was working in school.
I had been supporting a young girl, who I will call 'Mary',who at the time was eleven years of age.
She was a little darling who always had a smile waiting for me every time I saw her.
Sadly, she had a diagnosis of a degenerative condition that would prevent her seeing adulthood.
I worked closely with the family for many years and during that time worked with 'Mary' on many tactile books to help with her sight. 
We collected memories throughout our days together and created her own stories from her experiences each day.
Sadly she passed away and I was asked by Mum to help her put together an album of all Mary's work along with photo's etc
I decided to make a fabric book holding loads of memorabilia that only Mary's family would appreciate.
Of course I added a little Tilly Rose style in the form of fabrics from Mary's favourite clothes and between us we produced a memory album that I know her family will treasure dearly.

I hope the lovely lady I met at the fair has the same pleasure from making her memory album....
I was so touched to hear that she felt inspired simply from watching me ramble on.
How lovely...

I'll be back again soon my lovelies but in the meantime
I'll leave you with these beauties that I saw at the fair...
aren't they a beautiful colour?
I just adore the way the drizzle is clinging onto the petals!

Toodle ooh for now!


Tuesday 14 July 2015

Fun in a Doncaster Marquee!

Hello lovelies!
Wow...what a lovely weekend!

I have just returned from a weekend in Doncaster FULL of crafty loveliness!

I've been surrounded by fabric, threads, buttons, different yarns, shiny gems, stamps and so much more... in fact I have been in craft heaven (if there ever was such a thing!)

It was so busy but I did manage to have a quick look around before anyone arrived which was a real treat!
I thought you might like a quick nosey?

This was my first actual major event with thousands of people all wanting to say hello!
I was doing a 'Make & Take' workshop for 100 people as part of Summer Crafts at Doncaster.
The event was organised by Create & Craft TV.

It was wonderful to have the racecourse all to myself (well several hundred as well) early in the morning...
I felt I was trespassing as it was SO quiet.
The sun was so hot even at 8am in the morning but that didn't dull my enthusiasm 
( I don't like the heat at all)

It was the first year that Summer Crafts have ventured into offering customers fabric, haberdashery and yarns as a tester.
The crowds just LOVED it!
So many people said how much they loved the crossover from paper crafting with sewing which is music to my ears....

Sewing is no longer JUST dressmaking or home decor.
Mixed media is becoming very popular as well as collage work and introducing sewing into making cards and scrap booking.

My 'Make & Take' table was offering crafters the opportunity to make a gorgeous vintage heart corsage Tilly Rose style...

Was I nervous?
Well yes I have to say, just a wee bit.... but boy did I have FUN!

I really wasn't sure what to expect...
So many lovely people took the time and trouble to come and find me to say hello and tell me how much they've enjoyed my TV shows which was just lovely.

The night before, I had actually said to Mr T. "what if no-one wants to visit my table?"
I do worry sometimes!
Needless to say I was a very happy bunny when some lovely ladies turned up!

It was fab to see a variety of ages, abilities, a mixture of friends, family and different generations all sharing a love of  being creative... and all leaving with happy smiles :)

So many hearts were sewn!!!
Everyone had the same kit to start with and yet we had 100 different variations...
how wonderful.

I met so many lovely peeps during the event and made loads of new crafty friends.

I am so very lucky to be able to 'work' doing what I love and to be able to share this with everyone over the weekend was simply bliss for me...

A very BIG thank you to you all for making my first show a success!

Here's to next year....