Monday, 20 February 2017

Stitched memories with cloth and thread...

Fenland textile artist Tilly Rose

Hello my lovelies...

Today saw me trundling along the dual carriageway towards 
the NEC in Birmingham for some serious coffee meetings.

Stitches is one of the biggest trade shows for the creative craft industry, 
held annually at NEC, Birmingham.
Anyone working within the industry, traders, retailers & suppliers all get together 
to look at current trends, new products and supplies... and loads of coffee drinking!

I met with many fab people, all of whom are going to be
supporting my book 'Stitched Memories'
I have to say I am a tad excited....just a teeny weeny bit!
It's becoming a little real now....

The wheels are beginning to turn in motion.

fabric collage deisgns

We all add a little stitch here and there to our own life's quilt, 
full of precious memories as time goes by.
 In my book, I want to give you all some ideas
and inspiration as to how and what you can actually do with those memories.

As a textile artist I work with a huge variety of fabrics, trims, notions and found objects.
I LOVE pushing the boundaries to see what can be achieved...

hand stamped cotton fabric designed by textile artist Tilly Rose

As time ticks by I will tell you a little more but thought I'd leave you with some snippets
to introduce my book for now...

vintage haberdashery

If you are a lover of traditional needlecraft then hopefully I can bring a little smile or two for you... 
obviously when I've actually written it that is!

vintage sewing

But in the meantime I am off to put my feet up for a well earned rest...

Friday, 6 January 2017

A Year of Nature Walks....

Hello lovelies!
How are you all?

Deccies are packed safely away now until the next Yuletide,
our little home has finally been dusted again and January awaits with bitterly cold eagerness!

I suffer so bad with the cold as I have several ailments that abhor the cold but 
despite this I LOVE this time of year...
I love the winter sparkle
I love the winter crispness
I also love the winter hues at this time of year

New beginnings

Frosty mornings

time to stitch a new patch on your
life's quilt of memories...

So having gathered my thoughts after a very stressful end to 2106
I am now ready to face a new year ahead of beautiful smiles...

I very rarely make New Year's Resolutions as I often 
fall at the first hurdle of just the basics....consistency!
So instead, my philosophy in life has always been the same since a teenager....

slow and steady wins the race...

I write lists and have fun watching them slowly be ticked off, as and when.

This year my list consist of only one thing so far and that is to make myself get out more
to walk and photograph Mother Nature in all her finest splendour.

I know I do that already but this year I am on a mission to
make it a more determined effort.

All of my workshops and exhibits this year will have a theme running through them...

'Inspired By Nature'

Mother Nature is always waiting for a visit from us.
She offers us a free hug when we need one.
She listens to us when we need an ear.
And in return she offers silence for those who listen.

I have decided that photographs from my  #ayearofnaturewalks will be posted on my Instagram page
for anyone who wishes to have a nosey or join me.
You can find me here on the link Tilly Rose Instagram

I have been teaching a variety of crafts based around the ethos of well-being for so many years now
and I always use Mother Nature as an inspiration to encourage others to 'have-a-go' at something...
I shall be using my photographs on my workshops to continue this during the year.

I will be showcasing many techniques that some of you may not have encountered before or perhaps have not even considered having a go at doing.

I love to push boundaries...

I like to bridge the gap between a variety of crafts, combine them with my love of cloth and thread and add layers to my projects.
I always add in a flavour of nostalgia of course and 
mix in a blend of creativity to shout happiness from the roof tops.

* slow stitching * free motion embroidery * patchwork * mixed media * textile art * weaving * 

I will also be experimenting with new products and 
giving you tips on how to include them in your own designs.

If you are interested, I shall be posting details of my workshops onto my website and Facebook page next week once I have given them a little TLC and a fresh lick of paint for 
the New Year ahead so to speak!

I am only doing a few workshops so don't miss out on booking your place if
you are interested as I know they will go fast.

In the meantime I shall wander the paths and byways up and down the UK
to capture snippets of beauty that so often get overlooked by most.
You never know we may just bump into each other now and then!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend my lovelies...
toodle-ooh for now!