Sunday, 22 October 2017

Slower Autumnal days ahead...

Hello lovelies...

Gosh what a blustery 'ol weekend.
Storm Brian seems to have had his say on things as he sped by here in the Cambridgeshire Fens. The flat landscape surrounding my little home is a perfect place for fast spiralling winds and howling gasps that are often so ferocious they can take your breath away as you step outside.

At this time of year things should be slowing down a pace or two but, with all the storms and hurricanes of late, we seem to be in a continual whirlwind of daily life battling with Mother Nature.

As the days start to begin to get shorter concentrating on slow living is more appealing.
It's a time of year to take stock of what is happening all around us, what I want to 
get done in the following months and a  good way of filling my days with sunshine 
in a creative way.
As the crimson autumnal hues line the Fenland horizons they help to bring us a
beautiful ombre of golden gems that sparkle in the dimmed evening light.

A glory of gold
And russet and grey

The tree-tops old
Glow in the day

And, one by one
The dry leaves fall

And the Autumn sun 
Smiles on them all

Every Autumn, I usually like to have a few things 
on my 'To Do' list to keep my fingers busy over the dark grumpy months ahead.

Alongside my usual slow stitching that keeps my little Fen digits tingling 
I love to have a couple of warm snuggly yarn projects on the go at the same time. 
I'm a lover of both crochet and knitting. 

I'm quite excited as this year,
 as I thought I'd re-visit a style of knitting that I loved doing many years ago 
when my boys were young.

Fair Isle Knitting

Fair Isle knitting is a magical world of glorious designs
dating back to a golden vintage age.

If you've never dabbled in the world of Fair Isle you'll be amazed
at the beautiful patterns on offer.
Intricate patterns closely woven together with just two needles
create a gorgeous marriage of colour and textures..
The secret ingredient is patience...

So as time is slowing down,
 my mission for Autumn is to find some beautiful vintage patterns to use for inspiration
and create a few snuggly designs with all the wool from my stash.
I find myself purchasing the odd ball of yarn here and there,never knowing what project they will end up in and at times they seem to gather nothing more than house dust,
but, every now and then I get a burst of enthusiasm to get
started again on a new project...

Is anyone else inspired by a love of Fair-Isle knitting?
I'd love to hear your tales...
What projects do you like to create?

Did You Know?

Fair Isle is named after Fair Isle, a tiny island in the north of Scotland, 
that forms part of the Shetland islands. ... 

Watch this space to see how I get on...
I wonder if I'll actually manage to get something finished before the 
harsh wintry weather sets in?
I will let you know!

Will chat again soon my lovelies.
Do leave me a comment below if you have five mins
as I'd love to know who pops by my little door!

Toodle-ooh for now...
Speak again soon

x x x

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