Monday 10 October 2016

Ally Pally Crafting for our Well-Being

Good morning my lovelies!
How are we all?

Today is a lazy daisy kinda day after spending last week working my little socks off at
the most amazing 'Knitting & Stitch Show' at Ally Pally in London.

I had the most A-maz-ing week surrounded by cloth, thread, yarn, embellishments,
vintage gorgeousness, and even handmade chocolates!

I've been in crafty heaven to say the least............
Do you know what really made me smile?

The daily taxi ride to Ally Pally through the back streets of London looking at the beautiful Edwardian architecture maybe?

The fabulous Indian restaurant I managed to discover?

The fantastic  plethora of wonderful inspiration on offer from so many talented people?


The answer lies in human compassion...
Whilst at Ally Pally I have been overwhelmed by the beautiful warmth and kindness generously gifted towards me whilst demoing free motion embroidery on the Create & Craft TV stand

Your words and comforting smiles have all made me feel so humble in knowing how you feel I am able to offer you all a little inspiration and help with tips & techniques at times...
You've all shared your stories, your projects and your crafting worries and it has been lovely.

As you all know I am a textile artist who also appears as a guest presenter on TV at times.
Crafting for me is completely all about well-being, friendship and a gentle sharing of skills.
I know for many peeps crafting is often the only little ray of sunshine that helps to keep 
them smiling at times.
And I know through personal  experience when my husband was undergoing chemo treatment for bowel cancer, that sometimes you just need something like some gentle slow stitching, the hum of a sewing machine or the rhythmn of a pair of knitting needles to help to take you away from the harsh reality of life into a warm gentle happiness if only for a few minutes.

I am blessed to be in a very fortunate position of doing a job I absolutely adore and being able to walk my way through life in a gentle way sharing skills with so many others through crafting.
Hearing from so many of you; your stitching tales, your yarn rambles or your thread journeys and how they help to make up your own life's patchwork has been so inspirational and hugely rewarding.

Life often brings you riches in a variety of ways and sometimes not in a financial way.
You just have to decide what you consider is actually valuable in life...

A huge thank you for all of you who took the time and trouble to come and say hello.

Toodle-ooh -for-now folks!

Monday 3 October 2016

My Love Affair with Ally Pally...

Hello my lovelies!
how are we all?
So as I write this, I am looking at a suitcase filled full of clothes, stitchy goodies and my train tickets... ready to venture off on my next little crafty jaunt.

Where am I going???

Well...let me tell you a little snippet of gossip...

I am trundling down by rail to the big smoke..aka London, for a fantastic event held in
a fantastic venue....

I fell in love with this event over fifteen years ago and have always loved it ever since.
I am SOOOO excited :)

So, what am I going to be doing?
Well...I am going to be spending the next five days working my little socks off chatting with viewers of  Create & Craft TV, other artisans, craft companies, bloggers, publishers, crafty peeps and many textile students.... as well as hopefully meeting loads of inspiring people with loads of crafty smiles.

My first visit to Ally Pally (of course officially termed as Alexandra Palace)
introduced me to a world of so many ideas alongside the crafts I was doing at the time.
I was enthralled by all the many designs on offer in so many different fields of craft.

Even if you are an amateur crafter I can guarantee you will find something that will bring a smile or two...or three or four.... you get the idea!
There are loads of retail opportunities to help stock up your stash of goodies as well as loads of exhibits, workshops, demos, free shows and tons of inspiration everywhere you look in every nook and cranny.
You will NOT be disappointed!

I shall be demoing on the Create & Craft TV stand with a fabulous Singer machine showcasing some
Free Motion Embroidery, decorative stitching and hopefully sharing some of my very easy tips & techniques for making your sewing journey a little easier...

Do come and say hello if you are visiting...
I'd love to meet you all!

Toodle-ooh for now...