Wednesday 10 June 2015

Summer Loving....

Hello lovelies!

There's something special about summer living don't you think?
Time seems to pass that little bit slower whilst we while a few hours in the golden sunshine...

Summer brings so many smiles for me...


I'm a day dreamer as it is and summertime makes it even worse!
My little camera is always at my side for know...just in case...

I LOVE capturing my day with a series of pics regardless of what I will use them for!
My poor hubby is so used to hearing me say "textures..." "..patterns..." "..look at the colour of that!..."

I try to use my pics for inspiration for future projects or doodles in my sketchbooks or even adding to my Pinterest boards!

The simple things in life do make me smile!

I don't know about you but I spend many hours in the darkness during winter wishing my time away until the lighter evenings, warmer weather and wanting to spend time outside in my garden.

I'm not really a summer girl when it comes to the hot sunshine as I go a gorgeous shade of scarlet which really isn't attractive!
So I enjoy the balmy evenings when I can sit and chill in the honeysuckle hues or enjoy watching the sun set over a sandy horizon.

My absolute of summer though is making all those gorgeous homemade goodies from the seasonal produce.
I'm going to be doing a few of my traditional recipes in future posts but in the meantime I 
do hope you enjoy this little gem to get you started with a little summer living....

This recipe is based upon a traditional Fen recipe which I have adapted and added my own take on it...

Tilly's Rhubarb & Ginger Cordial

* Stewed Rhubarb
* Orange Juice
* Ginger preserve
* Brown sugar

-Chop rhubarb into 1" pieces and stew with a little orange juice and a few tablespoons of ginger preserve
-Add some brown sugar to taste
-When soft, drain rhubarb through a sieve and save the juices
- Use stewed rhubarb for any recipe...crumbles, pies and tarts

-Allow rhubarb cordial to cool and keep in fridge.
* add rhubarb cordial to tonic water or lemonade with loads of ice to create a gorgeous refreshing summery drink!



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  1. Love the sound of the cordial. Wish it was summer here it is quite windy and quite chilly
    Julie xxxxx


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