Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Solitude by the riverbank....

Hello my lovelies!
how are we all?

Do you think summer may have finally made up her mind to stay?
These last few days here in the Cambs Fens have been an absolute delight!

Like many of you, I daydream all the time about living in the countryside in a cute little thatched cottage with a log burner to make it nice and cosy....
but in reality I live in a 1960's chalet bungalow on the outskirts of a city which I really struggle with on a daily basis....
I make the most of what I have though as I am lucky and know
my time will come eventually, but in the meantime I visit the countryside that surrounds us as often as I can...

Last night we visited one of my favourite spots which is bursting full of Mother Nature's beauty.

While hubby spent some time wandering along the river eyeing up the fish available 
I enjoyed being an old woman sat on the riverbank, with my lovely old basket full of pencils, camera and paper, sketching to my hearts delight!

Have you ever watched a gathering of damselflies amongst the reeds?

Neither had I and they absolutely fascinated me....
They are so delicious and delicate fluttering in the breeze of the evening tide.

I tried so very hard to capture their beauty on my little snappy buddy who travels everywhere with me in my pocket but alas I was only lucky to  photograph this lovely beauty...

I managed to get quite a bit of sketching done and can't wait to transform this into a
free motion embroidered piece when I get five mins...

As I watched the sun go asleep I managed to remember the many colours to work with for my textile pictures.
I'm thinking that this image would make a fabulous book cover...
What do you think?

Maybe in a black and white theme?

With some poetic doodles to accompany the design?

Watch out for it on one of my shows!

If you get five mins to visit somewhere similar near you do make the most of these beautiful late nights...
You too can watch the damselflies dancing in the evening to the tune of the choral birdsong...

You never know but you just might see a special viewing of something rather spectacular that inspires you to get creative...
isn't he so majestic?

Just remember that Mother Nature provides us with such beautiful snippets of happiness if only we take the time to see them....

" the beauty in the ordinary things of life,,,,"

Enjoy your day my lovelies!



  1. Lovely pictures on the virtual walk
    Julie xxxx

  2. You have described the scene beautifully. Thank you.

  3. Really enjoyed reading it. Felt I was with you every step of the


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