Friday 29 May 2015

What Do You See?

Hello my lovelies!

Friday already?
I am always amazed at how quick time flies!
Aren't you?

I used to hear adults say that as a youngster and think what on earth were they talking about...
At the grand ol age of ..... you know what, I now know!

Life seems so busy and stressful to so many in such a variety of ways.
The toils of every day living is often seen as a struggle to just get through each day and the thought of being creative in any way seems a distant dream

I'm a firm believer in finding the simple things in life to keep us grounded and in touch with what really matters...

Social media is now a huge part of our lives that we can either enjoy or really detest.
For some it rules their lives.
It can take up SO much of our valuable down time if we let it and yet can be so inspiring
if you know where to look.

Be selective in exactly where you actually look and spend your valuable time....

As crafters we all need inspiration and often use social media as our first point of call.
We beg, steal and borrow as they say but mainly borrow ideas from others
to help us create our own projects.

As a textile designer, celebrity crafter, TV me what you will,
I am no different!

I LOVE nothing more than seeking out new ideas provided to us by Mother Nature to play with...

I know I maybe push the boundaries a little more daringly than some with my projects and ideas but in doing so....
it makes my heart happy, my eyes sparkle, my lips smile and my soul sing.

I try to fill my days with happy smiles when I can 
and tap into some positivity when the time arises, borrow some me time and be creative in amongst the busy world we call our everyday lives.

With the weekend approaching why not take five mins out for yourself
and do the same?

Grab a quiet cuppa and sit amongst the billowing blooms in your garden

Watch the clouds create designs in the sky

trace the outline of a piece of bark with your finger and feel the textures

watch children play

discover new shapes on the beach

They all sound very simple when you write them down in a list like that don't they?

But those simple things in life help us to be in the moment and seek inspiration to be creative...

I know that if you spend a few precious moments indulging you will be inspired to be creative to.

Be kind to yourselves this weekend folks....

be creative in a small way...

Toodle ooh for now!



  1. This blog post could have been written by me,I am the first to admit that social media plays a big part in my life,but I get far more enjoyment from the simple things.
    I grew up in a tiny cottage with no mains water or sewage system,water came from a well,we played in the barn breathing in dust and mould spores,pond dipped in the cow troughs for the wiggly fly larvae,and scoured the fields for fossils.
    So many children today miss out on these simple pleasures.
    Also my craftwork also often pushes the boundaries,I think there may still be members of a local art club traumatised by my entries to their exhibition a few years ago:)

  2. Just reading your beautiful blog is inspirational and uplifting Tilly. Thank you and have a lovely weekend xx


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