Sunday, 10 May 2015

The life of a TV star....

Hello lovelies!

Happy Sunday wishes...

I am lucky to have a couple of days off from my 'sewing world of vintage loveliness' which I am SO looking forward to....


Well, I can slouch around in my joggers (yes TV stars do still wear joggers!)
I don't have to worry about wearing any make up
I can allow my wild hair to tumble exactly where it wants to 
and more importantly become completely lazy for a few days!

It sounds very glam doesn't it....I'm a TV star???
In reality it is SO very different!!!

So what do I have planned on my lazy days?
Lots of relaxing in between all of the list below.

...a little gardening

....a little experimenting with textures

...a little strolling through the bluebells and wild garlic

oh I nearly forgot.... a little sewing.

Well you didn't think I would completely forget my love do you!
My little cabin aka Bertha awaits our get together....
the kettle is on ready, the armchairs are all plumped ready for some serious relaxing with my craft books and the radio is quietly playing in the background.

The most exciting thing for me is something really silly you might say...

I'm a Fen girl who has Mother Earth deep in my soul.
I get itchy fingers if I don't get to do a little weeding, potting or re-arranging of flowers.
My garden is a palette of colours, textures and creative designing all 
in a natural way.
Weeds are always welcome until I decide they need to move on.
Some get to stay, some get moved around the garden, and some simply choose for me!

The joy of not being on the TV for a few days is that I don't have to worry about getting earthy fingers and gritty nails!
I can get muddy amongst the dandelions and not even have to blink!
I can sit and watch the worms wriggle, the frogs hopping and the ants building their empires.
The little things in life....

You've probably worked out by now that I'm not much of a typical TV star.
I'm not the average glam rock chic as they say....

I don't do nail polish
I don't do manicured nails
I don't do loud Barbie doll make-up

I just do simple me!
Not to everyone's taste I know.
The only thing I do do is...wild untamed curly hair which drives me up the pole each and every single day but I've learned to live with!

Sorry I digress (as usual!)
So...back to my plans...
I am wanting to get my garden ready for summer living.

My cushions and covers all need a refreshing wash, sun umbrellas need putting up,
chairs need a re-paint or wash and the bunting needs sorting in readiness for summer parties.

So I'm off to have a relax folks...
Enjoy your week also  my lovelies...

Toodle-ooh for now!

x x x


  1. Hello Tilly - I do love to read your blog. Have a good time pottering.

    Phyllis x

    1. Thanks Phyllis! (lovely name by the way :) )
      Glad you enjoy my little ramblings
      Tilly x

  2. Have a lovely break Tilly, we''ll miss you!!!

    1. Thanks Maureen.... should be back in a couple of weeks :)

  3. What a lovely post - can I come an live with you, your garden sounds lovely
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Sounds just right to me Tilly. Have a wonderful few days "doing your thing".
    Watching out for you soon, for more inspiration!
    Linda xx


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