Thursday, 30 April 2015

Vintage in my soul...

Hello my lovelies!

I was asked this week what actually makes something 'Vintage'.....

As a lover of all things vintage albeit fabric, trims, fashion, social history,
household items etc I have to say I was intrigued...
i absolutely adore scouring around the charity shops, Antique fairs and vintage events to find a lovely snippet of times past.

I have been surrounded my whole life by all things vintage. 
My lovely mum and my Nan had a wonderful ethos of frugal living underlined with 'Make Do & Mend' running through every theme...

As a child I very rarely spent time in a department store or shop unless it was our local grocers or charity shop.
I didn't really like the smell of fusty old moth balls and leafing through old clothes but 
as a teenager my interest increased once I knew how to sew, deconstruct clothes, embellish boring old tops and add accessories to my collection.
I always seemed to be the odd one out when it came to fashion!

So what makes something VINTAGE?

Vintage is the official term for anything over twenty five - thirty years old.
(That makes me officially a vintage gal :) )

I'm really passionate about preserving all those authentic vintage pieces and 
being able to enjoy them even if it means giving them a modern twist.

We all have pieces of living history in our possession....maybe a doily from Grandma's collection
or a well loved teddy from your childhood, a treasured photo from long ago or
a pearly brooch from a long distant memory.....

We live in such a throw away society these days that I do worry we will eventually lose those beautiful keepsakes.
It saddens my heart so to think of it even as a possibility.

Our family treasures should be kept to remind us of our heritage and social history.
Life was never really as rosey as we think it was and often mundane for so many but each and every little gem that we are fortunate to have preserves all those memories.

Use them for display in your house, add them to creative craft projects, collate them into gorgeous keepsake albums, or simply keep them all together in a treasured box with a little note for future generations as to why you have kept them...

One day your possessions will become our children's heirlooms and wouldn't it be wonderful if we could pass on our knowledge and passion to another generation?

So my vintage lovelies....

Have fun preserving the old ways and treasure the beautiful memories you have around you...

toodle-ooh for now!

x x x


  1. I love reading your blog have a wonderful l way with words ,weaving a magical picture which always makes me smile x

  2. Thank you Jan!
    I'm happy it bought a wee smile :)
    Tilly x


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