Saturday, 11 April 2015

Keeping me on my toes!

How was your week my lovelies?

Since braving it five years ago and becoming self employed I never know what life entails...
I feel I have the luckiest job on the earth...

I can sew, crochet, knit, patchwork and craft to my heart's content 
all under the umbrella of 'work'

it always keeps me on my toes!

Since becoming a Craft Demonstrator with Create & Craft TV last year,
I have had to delve into the depths of my grey cells to create
inspirational ideas for everyone to have a go with all the gorgeous goodies being sold on each show....
Do I enjoy it?

Oh boy yes indeedy!!!
I'm lovin it :)

I'm loving being able to inspire others to have a go...
I still feel like a rabbit in the headlights on each and every show and haven't quite got my head around that side of things but am absolutely taken with being encased with such creativity

I'm well known for my day dreaming glazed look whilst thinking of projects for each show
and I have hand written notes all over the house...

Never knowing whether I am going to be doing a patchwork show or crochet, or embroidery...
I am such a busy bee simply having to buzz into action and crafting in a frenzy (often at midnight when the rest of the world is resting!)
The world of TV is really not as glamorous as you think it is!

It's quite common to catch me working in my little cabin at the bottom of my garden in my PJ's at some unearthly hour in the morning listening to the birds gossiping all around me.

My darling hubby is so used to seeing me covered in cotton snippets attaching itself to every outfit I wear or pieces of wool hanging from my sleeve these days I'm sure he thinks it's part of each outfit I wear!

And yet I am still smiling... it makes my heart sing and my creative soul is soothed for another day

This week?
Well it has been all about Grannies, ripped paper strips, embroidery floss tangles,
needle felted blunders, miles of bunting and Redwork...

Try and pick the bones out of that lot if you will!
As I keeps me on my toes!

Happy Weekend Wishes!

x x x