Saturday, 18 April 2015

Keeping Young & Trendy...

Hello my lovelies...
How are we all?

Despite my passion for all things vintage, this week has been an exploration of modern life...
I've finally managed to get my head around modern technology!
I wonder how many of you are the same?

Have you ever thought....
 'Oh I'm to old to try that' or 'What do I need to know how to do that for?'
We all do it... 
What am I talking about?
.....Social Media.

For most of us of a certain age it frightens the pants off us!

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram....the list goes on!
It's only for the young ones I hear you shout back at me.

Well don't be put off my lovelies!
If I have the perseverance to give them all a go then
 I can re-assure you anyone can get their head around them.

We all say how much our world has changed since our younger days which is something
we used to hear our own parents say. 
I bet you never thought you would ever think you would say the same thing!

But life is an ever changing wheel constantly turning every day....

When you look back at photos of a different era it reminds us just how much times have changed.
I'm sure the Victorians thought the same about such progress of their times as did everyone during the second world war

Well done't be put off folks.
Embrace a new venture however frustrating it may seem to get your head around it...
You'll be surprised at the results.
You'll be introduced to a new community of like-minded peeps, be able to keep in touch with friends a little more and share your love of hand crafting to so many others out there all feeling the same.

This week I managed to work out how to link all my sites together on my blog which really doesn't sound much at all to anyone in the tech world but for me was a huge success!
 If you fancy a nosey simply click on the buttons at the top of the page and pop along...

We are a happy family in the crafting community who love to share our ideas and skills and I think it is wonderful that we have Social Media.
At the press of a button we can have instant access to patterns, tutorials, inspiration, ideas for projects, advice from other crafters and share our smiles with each other.

I simply love it!

Go on... give it a go

Know you'll be hooked :)

x x x


  1. Hi Tilly,
    I know the feeling - but how wonderful when you do get to grips with something you thought was impossible to master. I must admit Instagram is something I haven't yet ventured into. Your blog is looking fab!

    Thanks for your email last Thursday morning, hope you received my reply all right.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  2. I couldn't agree more,I love to try new things and encouraged others to do the same.
    It must be in my genes ,as my soon to be 88 year old Father ,loves his iPad and has just got a Kindle.:)


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