Friday 19 February 2016

Gotta love a little bit of vintage.....

Morning my lovelies!

Thank you for all your lovely messages, emails and well wishes 
following on from my last post...
You are so sweet.

I really am OK... please don't worry!
The lack of light simply means I sometimes feel like a withering dandelion
that needs Spring to pop on the light!


So, what's been going on this week?
I have been surrounded by creativity in so many different ways...

Monday saw my 'Textile Book' workshop with a fab group of ladies

I know many of you worry when ever you attend a workshop.....
I do think it's always a gamble whenever you sign up for one...
if going on your own you don't know who you are going to be sitting next to?

You don't know if you'll like the tutor

Are you going to be able to create something that looks the same as others?

Why do we put ourselves through so much worry?????
I have offered many Creative Workshops for Your Well-Being as well as the usual sewing, patchwork, collage, crochet and mixed media etc

I like to think that I run a low key relaxed affair that no matter the subject matter and 
however stressed you may feel
when starting your day, by the time you leave you will have spent a fab time restoring your well-being and hopefully will have seen some tips and inspiration that you can take away with you....

Monday's workshop was all about collecting memories and creating a fabric book
using a variety of techniques such a hand stamping, creative collage work, mixed media 
and some hand embroidery

I loved the way that ideas evolved through simple chatting with others, experimenting with a mix of fabrics, trims and paper... and seeing the ladies simply chilling into their crafting

The ladies loved my Linen & Lace Bundles that I took along.
glad to see them being used in such a creative way.
It's lovely to see vintage linens sold in thrift shops or charity stores etc but if they then just sit in boxes in the loft through lack of ideas then they will simply wither away like my dandelion analogy at the beginning of the post.

Be brave and use them to bring you a simple smile...

If you would like to look at my little bundles or purchase any you can view them on my website

They are a perfect starting point for any textile work needing a vintage vibe and a fab way of adding a little vintage loveliness into your stash without having to buy tons of tablecloths to store.
they make great pressies for your craft friends too!

The workshop was only Part One and so the lovely ladies have a few weeks in between to 
have a play with all their new techniques and return
with their fabric pages ready to assemble into their book.

I can't wait to see the results!

Tuesday & Wednesday saw me dyeing.... as you do!
I'm sure the neighbours must wonder what this middle-aged woman is doing hanging oddments of scraps here and there on her washing line in the middle of winter!
hey ho... someone has to make them smile hey?

I'm experimenting with eco-dyeing techniques which I am LOVING with a great big L!

 Thursday saw lacy cobwebs... aren't they just exquisite?
the detail that Mother Nature provides is amazing and most people miss every single
ounce of it through rushing to get through their day...
such a shame because she holds some beautiful gems in her purse.

All in all a very good week don't you think!
Oh I nearly forgot to say...
in between all of that loveliness I managed to 
work out how to upload a video on my website...yippee!!!
the next step is to add it here on my blog also...

Off to grab myself a cuppa or two now and tidy my sewing room folks
 so I may be gone for some time!!!!

Toodle-ooh for now my lovelies....

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