Thursday, 11 February 2016

February Maudling...

Hello my lovelies!
Just a quick post today...

Do you know that usually February sees ms in a gloomy state of maudling at times which sounds very gloomy doesn't it for one so positive?
It's just the greyness, damp and cold that dulls my smile nothing else..
I guess I must have a touch of SAD syndrome as by February I am craving a little brightness

My favourite projects are often hampered by the dullness of the short days

I know how important it is for each and every season and I wouldn't want it any other way because I would never see those gorgeous winter sights if it never happened would I?

The long endless days of grey finally begin to take their toll on this Fen bird by the middle of February.
I've struggled with this month for years on and off....
(even Shrove Tuesday and Valentine's Day never seems to convince me that February is a good month!)
you know that feeling of sluggish, damp dark days that never seem to get going no matter what you do?

So yesterday when a friend suggested a day out in the Fens for some photography I jumped at the chance to get out into some fresh air.
 We spent the whole day tootling around the country droves of the Cambridgeshire Fens
in the brilliant sunshine.

Isn't amazing what a little golden brightness can do for our smiles?
As you can probably guess by now I really do hate the gloom of grey...
I'm a sunny girl who likes a little colour in her life (even if that is only a vintage hue!)

Spring is packed and ready waiting in the wings
to help cheer our souls folks....
As we drove yesterday we saw such lushness beginning to breathe life back into the fields again
with all the crops beginning to grow...


Roll on sunny days ahead and cuddly smiles greet us again....

x x x