Thursday, 21 January 2016

Women & Thread Through An Ancient Tapestry

Hello my lovelies!

I feel it's been ages since I chatted to you even though I know it's only been a week...

Yesterday I had such a fab day out...
I trundled my way back to my home town deep in the middle of the Cambridgeshire Fens for a day filled of history.

I had my bag packed with all my supplies, my trusty camera at the ready and 
tons of smiles in readiness for all the delights that awaited!
I was a woman on a mission.... 

The reason????

I am busy researching for a few textile pieces based on my roots 
that I am going to be exhibiting later in the year.

I was born in the Fens (many moons ago I might add!) and have always known I'm a true Fen girl at heart despite now living on the outskirts of a city.
My soul is always soothed when I stroll home through the patchwork of  Fenland fields.
the wrap me with a warm soothing blanket that calms my soul whenever I need a re-assuring hug.
They are in my blood and what makes me who I am today.

This year I have decided to concentrate much more on my textile art and so like everyone
starting a new venture I am filled such enthusiasm
I want to bring some of my passion for The Fens into my textile designs.

I have decided to base my designs on Women & Cloth and their connection with threads throughout time.

I want to capture those beautiful tales of everyday living...nothing special
and yet so very special.
The little snippets your Grandma used to tell you but you never really listened to..
The sort of tale Great Aunt Maud would wander off into whenever she visited for Sunday tea...

like I say, nothing special and yet SO special

The Fens are renowned for it's myths, mysteries and tales of marsh men as well as 
the ghosts of the past wandering across the flat lands.

After a beautiful day of wonderful stories, photos and memories I was reminded of the mystery of the Fens as the sweeping mists began to cover the farrowed fields

Mother Nature can be so beautiful in the harshest of times

I will share some pics with you soon....

Tilly x