Sunday, 3 January 2016

Living Life the Vintage Way...

Hello my lovelies...
Thank you for the lovely response to my last post!
It's great to hear that many of you are so interested in seeing my new kits soon.
Do please keep your fab comments coming also..
It's always good to hear some feedback!

I've had some lovely emails of late asking a little about myself and how I got started in crafts etc
So I thought I would let you know some of my secrets as they say...

I was born and do still live in the beautiful Cambridgeshire Fens making me an official 'tough 'ol Fen bird'  
For me the Fens are always a joy to see...full of wild winds, swirling mists, steeped in history and full of enchantment.
the light across the Fens is second to none and can be quite eerie for someone who has never seen them before.
These lands hold the key to my ancestry and there isn't a day goes by without me having to step outside and look at the endless skies holding magical stories of their own....
The land lies in my blood and whenever I need some stillness to my life enriching my soul with the Fen earth is the first thing I like to do....I LOVE my garden.

Mother Nature fills my soul with delight with all her treasures...
I use her snippets of beauty for a lot of my inspiration
I love to watch the little details such as the tiny petals of a flower or maybe the snail trail left on my path that morning. Even rainy cobwebs always bring a smile or two!
I feel it is important to notice these tiny details of our lives that we take for granted.
Simply 'be' in the moment...

As so many of you may already know, I am also a lover of all things vintage..
from the beautiful sparkly brooches twinkling in the sunlight once worn to the many tea dances down to the simple wooden reels of old threads holding the stories from so many sewers before me.

Any piece of fabric with a social history and story to tell delights me beyond happiness.
From a simple hand stitched apron, a vintage cotton blouse, a felted flower corsage, an old piece of patchwork to a cross stitch sampler stitched with love....
They all hold a key to a golden tale of times past.... 
I could go on for hours but I think that will be for another post!

I have been crafting from a very young age. I started by dabbling in paper crafts with glue and coloring pencils and then ventured into making dolls clothes with snippets of old flannels until in my teens, having learnt how to use a hand sewing machine, I started designing and making my own clothes.

There isn't a day that goes past when I am not creative in some way or another
It isn't a hobby but a way of life for me.
If a day or two goes by and I haven't done something creative my fingers start to itch..
It doesn't have to be sewing as I love so many other things such as crochet, knitting or hand embroidery.
I also spend hours and hours reading around the history of many crafts and getting to know their history and how they evolved into what we know today.

So now you all know a little more about me I thought I would add another layer..
I don't want you to think I'm always a serious bod because I'm afraid I will disappoint you there...

Having worked with children in an Early years setting for over thirty years I'm afraid I'm just a big child really, hiding in my adult clothes!


My favourite film of all time is 'You've Got Mail'
(especially the bit when Tom Hanks is on the roundabout!)

My favourite flower is an old fashioned rose

I HATE anything pickled!
(it makes my nose wrinkle immensely!)

I can't abide beetroot 
(which seems to be the in word in any recipe these days!)

I LOVE hearing a baby giggle
(it always makes me smile)

I am totally in love with the beach

I am blessed with the most enormous mop of frizzy hair that I have no control over whatsoever!

I absolutely ADORE cold Christmas pudding with cold custard for breakfast
(Not the done thing darling!)

I talk to myself ALL the time
(something you really don't want to see!)

So now you know a little more about my nutty world that I live in on a daily basis...

I will simply say goodbye until my next blog post..
I hope you enjoyed today's ramblings!
Toodle-ooh for now my lovelies!

x x x