Monday, 21 September 2015

Happiness is simply stitching from the heart....

Hello my lovelies!
How are we this lovely Monday?
I hope you all had a fab weekend...

Let me tell you about my mine...
Why this weekend in particular?
Well my lovelies, this one was a little extra special.
You see because of my lovely hubby being ill this past year, I haven't really done
any workshops.
I've had to prioritise my time of late, but with hubby now having been given the all clear so far I feel a little happier returning to doing some workshops again...

So, on Saturday I did my first workshop in a very long time but not in my little Vintage Workshop. Oh no indeedy, I was asked by my lovely friend Julie to do a workshop at Bee Crafty based in Ellington, Cambs.
The theme for the day were these little gems....

'Patchwork Hexies'

So what were we making?
....An envelope cushion full of gorgeous vintage loveliness Tilly Rose style!

Many of the ladies had never encountered English Paper Piecing before, so it was lovely to be able to introduce them to this calming traditional craft.
I'm a firm believer in calming your soul and for me simple stitching is always a winner.
Every stitch adds a little love to any project and always reminds the owner of a piece of work just how much time and effort has been put in.
Hand stitching transports you back in time to a much simpler and quieter way of living.
No IPads and internet to disturb you, no flashing images in front of you but more importantly, a time when life seemed a little slower in pace.
Like many of you I value all of the modern technology that our Mothers & Grandmothers were never able to access as we do today, but I do think there is a time and place for everything and that includes modern technology also.

There is nothing more important than well being and for me that means quiet time, stitching, procrastinating over ideas and enjoying the process of actually making something albeit useful or not.
Saturday's workshop was very much centred around this ethos of enjoying the processes...

The ladies started making their hexie pieces then decided on their designs...

Sewing machines cane into action as the whole project came together...

By the afternoon we were on to some gorgeous lazy daisies to embellish our designs...
again more simple stitching to soothe the soul :)

By the end of our day of vintage sewing, we had some very happy bunnies filled to the brim with tea and cake, loads of happy smiles and some beautiful designs incorporating loads of traditional stitching...

As for me...
Well what can I say?
I left beaming like a Chesire cat, may just sum it up a little!
I have SO missed offering workshops and Saturday had only reminded just exactly how much...
A BIG thank you to Josie, Joy, Sue, Anne, Peggy & Allie for joining me and making my day so lovely.

Hopefully life will deal a better card than of late so I can start offering more workshops soon...
Only Father Time will be able to tell me that one.

I will be back at Bee Crafty in the New Year for some more Tilly Rose workshops, so if you do fancy joining me on one simply click here for more details.

In the meantime, I will simply carry on stitching at home or on TV and make my heart smile and keep my soul happy...
I do hope it does the same to you when you stitch every time?

have a lovely week folks....
Toodle-ooh for now my lovelies!

x x x


  1. Hand stitching has certainly helped me to cope with what life has thrown at me recently. I hope your life continues getting easier, Tilly. :)

    1. Thank you my lovely... the same goes for you too!
      Tilly x

  2. How lovely to teach people something you really enjoy! and didn't they look pleased with their results. A very rewarding saturday for you all, I do hope there will be many more. thanks for sharing. the embroidery on linen looked beautiful. Betty

    1. Thank you Betty x
      I really enjoy the linen & cotton look as it provokes such a happy smile from days gone by....
      Tilly x

  3. How lovely and I wish I could attend some of your workshops but they are just too far away. Still, I can join in by reading your posts on FB, reading your blogs and watching you on C&C. Thank you for all the lovely things you do.

  4. Ahhh thank you Georgina :)
    Enjoy the shows x

  5. That's such good news about your husband, Tilly. Here's hoping his recovery continues. The workshop looks great fun and so wish I lived near enough to join in the fun but Scotland is just a tad too far. I haven't done too much paper piecing but so enjoy watching your demonstrations on TV - very inspiring.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth x
      Glad you enjoy the shows....
      Tilly x


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