Monday, 7 September 2015

Discovering Treasured Old Beauties....

Hello my lovelies!
Hoping you all enjoyed a beautiful weekend with your loved ones?

I've enjoyed browsing through my collection of old beauties this weekend...
I managed to have a full day to myself yesterday sharing time with our treasured friends simply chilling....something quite rare when you work for yourself!
So these beauties were my evening reading whilst listening to a little Sunday evening Jazz.

I've been collecting old books for many years...old cookery or needlework ones are my favourites.
I also love leafing through the old pages of house managements!
Don't they hold a whole host of secrets and advice that is amazing?
And yet with a huge tone of simplicity underlining each project.

Reading through them reminded me of how talented our Grandmothers were...
I know that being thrifty and creating designs as we would now say, was through sheer necessity in some cases and but I do think we don't often give them credit for being so clever!

Could you return from a day's work and whip up a dress for the Saturday Pictures simply because you fancied a new outfit?

Or could you knit yourself a new top for your hubby's next dinner date with the boss???

It sounds bizarre to say that these days doesn't it when you can shop online and order a whole wardrobe at the click of a button but our Mums & GrandMums had to be very resourceful with very little and yet I do think they maybe appreciated things a little more than we do these days....

We live in such a throw-away society nowadays that we don't think twice to treat ourselves to a new top or dress for any occasion (unless your name is Tilly Rose of course!)
My Fen roots have made me what I am today and my Mum and Nan taught me to be particularly thrifty with everything.
Don't get me wrong I'm not tight with my pennies but it takes alot for me to be wasteful for the sheer hell of it.
Everything had to earn it's place in our home growing up...something I have obviously carried on into my own home.
I often smile when I hear the words "considered purchase" when on air because my mum would consider everything a considered purchase whether that be a safety pin to a new sofa!

I love this quote above and think it says SO much...

Looking through my treasured books yesterday I realised just how much bounty sits there undiscovered by our present generations simply because projects are hidden away in a fusty old book which would need to be opened and be discovered....

I love nothing more than sitting on a pile of books (not literally you understand although it has been known!) and chilling out in my PJ's to discover a good story, new craft project or even unveil a new recipe for tomorrow's evening meal!

I wonder if our future generations will ever feel the same?
Will we only craft through our apps on our phones?

how sad would that be?
No more treasured time with friends sharing skills together....

So in my own little crusade of one, I will endeavor to continue my quest of persuading people 
'to give it a go' simply by taking inspiration from the past and preserving the old ways
albeit from a fusty old paperback or other....

Will you join me and pass on the message for me please my lovelies?

x x x