Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Keep Calm and Carry On....

Hello my lovelies!
I hope you don't mind but I'm offering something a little different today...
It's taken me a very long time to consider whether to write this post but hopefully you'll understand the reasons to why I have?
Earlier this week I received the best news ever..
Two little words....
"all clear"

A year ago my world turned upside down, inside out and completely off balance when my hubby was diagnosed with bowel cancer.
For a year since, our lives have been on autopilot, both for different reasons... hubby to face all the treatment thrown at him and me because I was the stable one in the equation as often us ladies are...

Every one has their own set of troubles lurking behind the smiles we all offer to each and every one we meet each day...
Some people are very vocal and will tell all and others like myself are very quiet and just get on with things in a stoic true British spirit.

So why am I telling all now?
I want to let everyone know how crafting is so very good for keeping you grounded when all is not stable at sea...

I have crafted since a young child.
It is part of me.
I learnt a long time ago that
I need to dabble each and every day to keep my soul singing...

Up until the diagnosis I had been running my own workshops, craft sessions, offering 1:1 lessons and supporting local schools.
Eventually I have had to put all of that on hold.
My priorities lay elsewhere. 

The same week we found out about my hubby I was contacted by Create & Craft TV to attend a screen test with the view to becoming a Guest Presenter.
Complete pants for timing!
Despite the many pleas from family and friends especially hubby, I put it on hold until eventually I caved in and agreed to give it a go... 

I continued to sit for hours and hours looking at sterile hospital clinic decor whilst accompanying hubby during his chemo sessions and re-designed in my mind each and every corridor Tilly Rose style!
After I had read every crumpled old magazine provided and tackled many books on my Kindle, I decided I needed to take action.

I started to fill my little wicker basket with a riot of colour threads, needles, various fabrics and loads of embellishments. 
I soon began to get a reputation as 'the lady with the basket'!

For every hour spent sitting in hospital armchairs I stitched my little heart away!
I needed to stay in a happy place for part of my day despite the surroundings.

I'm a firm believer in creativity being so good for the soul...

Nurses began to show an interest in my projects, other patients asked questions on how to do something and I even managed to show a young girl how to start embroidering whilst waiting for her Nan!

After hubby's chemo, we faced major surgery, followed by many sudden dashes in ambulances to our local casualty unit never knowing the outcome

Each and every time my little basket accompanied me with some crafty delight nestling inside to keep me busy.

Whilst all of this was carrying on I had started guest presenting..... to say I was a bag of nerves the first time doesn't even hit the mark!
But I persevered, trying to inspire others to 'give it a go' hoping I would eventually work out what to say at the right time and look in the right direction at the right time!
(not sure I'll ever look the professional!!)

Roll on a year...
With the wonderful news that hubby is now 'all clear' we can now look forward....

The reason for this post?
It is simply to say...

"Walk Your Life Towards Well-Being"

Allow creativity in your heart and you will always have a smile