Saturday, 1 August 2015

Inspired by Seaside Photographs - FREE TUTORIAL

Hello my lovelies!

At this time of year I know many of you will be like me, returning from your summer holidays with loads of seaside smiles and a host of ideas which hopefully will give you some inspiration for your next sewing or mixed media project...

As a textile artist I am continually being asked how and where do I get my inspiration
for my own designs?
Mother Nature always provides me with such gems and is my greatest source of inspiration.

It doesn't matter where you are visiting or for how long. 
Each region will have it's own special sights, sounds, smells and treats.
For me, Cornwall always delights.
I love visiting and soak up every little jewel I come across.
I carry my camera with me where ever I go and photograph snippets of my day using my lens as my creative eye.

I thought it would be a nice idea to give you all some tips and ideas as to how you too can get started using a photograph as your inspiration source and capture those treasured memories.

Inspired by Seaside Photographs -Tutorial

So where to begin....
First, what project do you have in mind?

Notebook Cover
Special Bunting

Whatever the project, using a favourite pic can always help you to get started...

So, how?

If you are not reproducing an exact copy of a snapshot how can you use it for inspiration?
Here are some tips that hopefully will help to give you some basic ideas....

You may want to draw out your design copying the photo to help with dimensions or scale. To do this simply print off your photograph and use either tracing paper or greaseproof paper to out line the main elements.
Don't be afraid to exaggerate the details. remember it is your design. there are no rules!
Also don't worry if your dimensions don't match exactly... 

Try and create a mood board for your project. I know many of you may say why bother if it is only for a cushion but believe me it is definitely worth it!
I love collating loads of ideas from alsorts of resources...
Attach them to an old picture frame, write them down in a book or simply doodle on scraps of paper that you have to hand.
Believe me when I say they will all come be handy to refer back to.

Use your photographs to help with colour schemes...
They will give you an idea of how to blend colours for backgrounds or individual elements of your overall design.
You may be using various fabrics to build up your design or colouring them in with free motion embroidery, or perhaps you want to make your design to have a 3D effect?

Of course you need to think about adding textures and patterns...
maybe to represent shells, rocks, beach huts, rocks etc

Don't forget to add in those extra special details that will make your designs more individual...
All those little memories you have can be added into your designs...

And talking of textures....
use Mother Natures box of jewels to help you decide what elements you may want to stitch, crochet, embroider or sew on as embellishments...

I hope this quick tutorial has helped to get you inspired to give it a go...
Just remember it really doesn't matter what your design is going to be.... it may be a cushion cover that you want to use applique on or you may decided to have a go at a mixed media collage.
Start small and then run with your ideas...
We are all creative in some way or another.

As so many people have asked about designs and ideas I have decided that I am soon going to be selling my own inspiration kits via my blog.
I will also be offering online tutorials alongside them with ideas for your projects.

I would love to know your thoughts on this, so if you have five mins do please drop me a message at the end of this post or an email to 
You can also find me via my Facebook page 

In the meantime Happy Stitching my lovelies!

Enjoy your weekend...