Monday 27 January 2020

It Started with a Simple Yes.... Part 1

I feel I must start this little post with an apology...
My little home here in Blogland has been patiently waiting for my return since the launch of my book Stitched Memories back in July 2018

Sadly, I have neglected her terribly.
I do hope you she forgives me and understands!
You see since my book launch my life has been turned around in so many ways I wouldn't have even thought possible, some good, some not so good and some even more amazingly bonkers!

And so, why start writing today I hear my reader asking?
Well, I have just returned from a ten day Textile Tour trip to Jaipur with The Craft Travel Company and I am sitting nursing a little fluey virus that has made me stop.
My fingers itching as usual, head buzzing with Indian smiles and time on my hands I thought I would 'go back home...' to where my journey started over 20 years ago....blogging. 
I'm back in my 'Happy Place' again 🥰
How did that happen?

Well, it's simple really.
I look at life with wide eyed lens.
You get one shot at life.
There are no rehearsals...
And so, when I was asked would I consider doing a workshop further afield, never did I think that would mean India!

And so, a year in the planning, a long plane ride and a shorter bus ride we arrived in Jaipur with a wonderful happy grin!

My little family were ready to explore....

Our tour was a Textile Tour exploring the beautiful rich history of textiles based in and around Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Ten days of soaking up the beauty 💖

I went with very little assumptions or expectations other than to make it through the ten days without a 'delli belly' and without passing out through heat exhaustion!

What actually happened really can't be summed up in one little post but it so much more!
No 'Delli belly' and no heat exhaustion, in fact it was that cold I ended up buying socks!

We saw the usual touristy visits, spoke to locals and learnt a little history, ventured into remote villages off the beaten track to see the 'real' side of India and mingled in amongst the hustle bustle of city life with the goats, camels and cows.
We watched the sun rise and the sun set over a city steeped in cultural heritage dating back centuries...

It was magical.

We saw colours, patterns and designs to inspire us, listened to a beautiful mix of new languages and dined on new tastes...

As well as being the most rubbish romantic, I'm a big believer in soaking up life as it is....real experiences...
I always try to see things as Mother Earth intends.

India is renowned for not only her wealth and riches but her poverty and hardship.
Until you actually see her poverty for real I don't think you can really understand or comprehend the impact that has on family life.
And yet, in amongst all of that equation, we were greeted by the most beautiful people sharing their love and warmth with us.

So....what did we actually do on the tour?

A Textile Tour you say?
Yes, but with a Tilly Rose style!
I was asked by the tour leaders to offer four workshops whilst out there.
After months of experimenting, designing and dabbling here and there I finally decided....
I wanted to offer something that related to India, related to Jaipur but more importantly stayed true to my roots of slow stitching and a love of cloth & thread.

I decided to offer a Stitch Wrap, a Tilly Rose Journal AND a little keepsake bag to treasure after the trip....

I wanted the ladies to be able to capture their memories in stitches...

We had such fun!
And of course, you all know me... I like to experiment with the odd technique here and there, so we painted, we dabbled, we diddled, we stitched and we created.....all with a beautiful flavour of India attached 💗

Each piece was individual.

Each piece was a future heirloom.


Every lady on the tour collected their own snippets from the visits to bazaars and other days out.
It was so lovely to watch a simple idea blossom, all with different blooms.
Ti hear the chatter, ti see the smiles and watch the slow stitchibg take place was just a joy.
We giggled, gossiped, chatted, heard cherished tales and shared our secrets whilst sewing much to the amusement of the staff at the hotel!

Isn't it wonderful how a group of women can create a supportive little family simply through a little love of cloth and thread?

I will leave it there for now and add more details in another post....

Thanks for joining me
Watch out for my next snippets!

Namaste 🙏🏻
Tilly x

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