Wednesday 20 June 2018

It started with just a little thread...

Morning lovelies!
What a gem of a morning...
The birds are nattering while the bees are meandering.
A delightful day if ever there was one!

It seemed like the perfect time to share the news with you all
that soon my book Stitched Memories will be available to purchase.
I am beyond delighted to say the least.

Never in a million month of Sundays did I think that this little 'ol Fen bird who
is as as odd as the most quirkiest being about, 
would be lucky enough to write a book...

You see....coming from the Fens...well it's not something you usually do is it?
Now if you had said when I was growing up that
I would be the owner of a potato picking firm or 
a tractor driver, well you'd probably be much nearer the mark!

But as I've already mentioned I'm an odd bod.
I like to look for the unusual in the ordinary.
Someone who loves to capture those everyday stories and turn them into a treasured
marriage of cloth and thread...

So how did I get to write a book?
You may well ask...
Like everything in life, it's simply the luckiest thing of
being in the right place, at the right time,
talking to the right person indeed.

I've dreamed of writing a book since I could read and write
but this frizzy haired wild bird was rubbish at school. I got bored easily.
Science and Maths dumbfounded me and still do at times. And yet they totally fascinate me.
The only subjects that grabbed my attention were Needlework, Art and English, oh and Cooking (to which my waistline showcases very well!)
But you see, those subjects have done me proud...

As many of you know, my background was in Education.
I am a trained Visual Impairment Advisor, specialising in Early Years.
Over the years, I have been privileged to help support and teach many
beautiful children and young adults with additional needs and disabilities.
Knowing my own struggles has helped me really sympathise in understanding how a One Size Box does NOT fit all sizes.

 Alongside my teaching days, I always crafted.
It was a passion of mine from an early age
and eventually it has ended up that I am now teaching the joy of being creative through stitching full time.

What's the secret to inspire others?
It's easy....

Simply show the beauty and wonder of the world that surrounds us in every minute of every day and help others to see it's Ok to not be perfect.
Not to be precise is considered a No No in sewing and yet...
Our Mums and Grannies often didn't look at things that way.
Sewing was more often than not a necessity and so with it came the responsibility
of making things work with warped cloth, using not so perfect thread, piecing together scraps to create a whole.
I'm afraid, for me that is what sewing really entails....

When it was suggested a couple of years ago by Search Press, (the world's finest art and craft book publisher I might add) that I write down my ramblings to help inspire others in the form of a craft book, I jumped at the chance.
I was totally blown away.
The fact that someone thought I was capable of writing a book...

As I've got older and wiser, I truly believe that everyone has a gift in some way or another.
Mine is simply to share my love of cloth and thread and use my skills as a tutor
to inspire and guide you...

And so through many many stressful hours of writing, a book evolved.
Two thirds of it was left on the cutting room floor because I had written too much information due to space constraints...something that took a while getting my head around to be honest
but now I've seen the final copy I totally forgive my editor!
I've decided to write those snippets here on my blog so you don't miss out...

So, where to get hold of my book?
Well there are a variety of ways...

I shall be doing lots of book signings with Search Press at some of the big
Needlework Shows this year as well as some smaller events at some of my favourite
workshop venues which will include some scrumptious vintage tea parties...
You can find details here on my website

I will also be offering the chance to get a signed copy of the book on my website with a little extra surprise gift as well
as appearing on the Sewing Quarter Channel with a Book Launch on 30th July.

Lots going on!

I will of course be shouting from the rooftops on my Facebook page also.

So for now I will simply leave you counting down the days to Mr Postie arriving....

Thanks for dropping by and saying hello!

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