Sunday, 1 November 2015

Autumnal Inspiration....

Hello my lovelies!
November already.....
Just exactly where has this year disappeared to?
(answers on a postcard pleased to Tilly

It really doesn't seem possible that we are turning our thoughts towards that
time of year....
dare I actually say the  'C' word out loud?

As many of you know I'm really not a lover of the torrent heat of summer but neither am I a fan of the bitterly cold Winter.
 I much prefer the gorgeous seasons of Spring & Autumn...
the seasons when you can wander out in just a thick wooly, some boots and a warm scarf to keep your neck all snuggled.

How about you?
I absolutely adore walking in the Autumn mists and smelling the change of season in the air...
Last week I managed a beautiful walk early in the morning when most people were asleep.
Greeted with early morning mists, dewy cobwebs and damp carpets of muddy grass I ventured out with my little camera for company.
At times like this, I do wish I had a lovely dog to have as a faithful friend to accompany me on my wanderings but hey, you can't have everything in life I guess...

My mission?
Simply to take in the sights, smells and sounds of Autumn early in the morning.
I've always been a fan of early morning since a teenager, when I had a paper round.
There was always something quite magical about the quietness of the day.
My thoughts have never altered and I still love to walk early in the morning when I can.

Mother Nature didn't disappoint and I managed to snap loads of beauties...

I do wish I had a better camera to get the really fine details and sharper colours.
(It's on my Christmas list!)

I love to save my shots for inspiration when designing especially when doing some free motion embroidery.
I always go home feeling very inspired from the sights I capture however big or small and then love taking some time out to doodle away in my journal a little, like a modern version of the Edwardian lady - Edith Holden.
I wonder if she would've enjoyed my sketches and embroideries?

As I wandered home with my collection of wet leaves I had collected along the way I decided I wanted to do a little tutorial for you all to help get started when taking inspiration from Mother Nature as many of you lovelies have said you sometimes struggle with knowing how to start etc.
Watch out for my next blog post with all the details...

In the meantime I'm off for a cuppa or two...
Will you join me?

Toodle-ooh til the next my lovelies!

x x x