Monday 23 April 2018

The British Quilt & Stitch Village

Hello lovelies!
Happy St.George's Day!

In celebration of all things British I thought it would be a good time to post about my visit to The British Quilt & Stitch Village last weekend...
It was my third year of attending and I have to say I always love going as it is one of my favourites in the calender of sewing events here in the UK.

I know each event has it's own merits but I love this one simply because
it is such a gentle one despite the crowds...
The sort where you can meamble around at your leisure, stop for a cuppa comfortably,
find a decent loo and more importantly receive some friendly smiles and chatter from the exhibitors.

There are always loads of exhibits, competition entries and workshops of differing abilities to see and do, where you can gain a plethora of inspiration regardless of your interests.

If you've read my previous post you will know that I entered another exhibit this year 
called 'Mercia', 
depicting life in the Fens with all their Myths and legends...
I gained a rosette which I was super chuffed with!

(excuse the shocking photo!)

My competition neighbour was this amazing coat which was an incredible piece of art
...totally my cup of tea!
It's been a few years now since I've made myself some wearable art like this simply due to time constraints but I love it and it reminded me to get sewing for myself!

Here is the winning entry in our category...
perfect for a Spring day!
A gorgeous cushion full of daffodil gorgeousness.

So what else was on offer?
Well a little bit of this...

And a little bit of that....

and loads of these....

Textiles, quilts, embroidery, slow stitching,
mixed media and so much more...
It really is like being in a sweet shop full of stitching smiles just waiting to be picked.

The hours of work put in for the show by exhibitors was outstanding.
I'm sure that there would have been many frazzled hours of frustration, pricked fingers,
ragged broken nails, torn cloth, tangled threads, and many a few 'blue' moments for many...

Do you ever think that
someone has stitched their little heart into that piece you are staring at?
It may look odd or not reach the standard of a City & Guilds certificate but do you know something?
That person was brave enough to enter a competition to exhibit their work.
They were brave enough to stand up and shout out their love of cloth and thread.
Something I so applaud!

Happily or sadly however you look at it I only heard a couple of negative comments.
The majority and I really mean the VAST majority of the visitors 
loved seeing the inspiration of offer.

It was so lovely to hear sentences like

 "how did she do that?"

"wow look at all that hand sewing..."

"look at that beautiful fabric..."

Wow I love her patterns.."

Now, lovely reader have you ever considered entering a competition?
Don't be put off...
In order to make an event fresh and exciting we need sewers like yourselves to be like those brave peeps above.
Will you consider giving it a go just for little 'ol me?

If you are interested in entering for next year, the theme is 'The World About Us'
A fabulous scope for so many beautiful things!

There are numerous categories you can enter covering a multitude of skills.
I just know so many of you would be able to create some gorgeous pieces.
I have to say I am very excited. I have my thinking cap on already!

I will post all other photographs on my Facebook page so if you fancy a nosey you can click on the link below ...

Before I go, I must say a HUGE thank you to everyone who visited my stall, took part in a Tilly Rose workshop or simply stopped by to say hello...
I hope you enjoy stitching with the goodies you all purchased and 
create some lovely memories whilst doing so especially if you are dabbling in to the world of mixed media!

I am so blessed to be doing a job that I love and part of that is connecting with so many like-minded peeps who adore some form of stitching, one way or another.

Without you all, there would be no show so thank you for travelling and dropping by.
There are too many of you to mention names and I would probably miss out someone even if I tried...
Just rest assured I very much appreciate your love and support.
Here's to next year at Uttoxeter...

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