Thursday, 15 December 2016

Festive Yuletide Treats...

Hello lovelies...

It's that special time of year when we all go and pretend we can fit a forest into our lounges...

We post cards and cards to people we perhaps in reality rarely touch base with..

We decorate every inch of our little homes with twinkly glitz to hide the dust...

Buy tons of pressies that will probably be recycled again next year...

And bake a mountain of pastry goodies resulting in adding three stone to our waistlines to be taken off again throughout Springtime.

Am I a cynic I hear you all say?
Am I as heck as like....

I LOVE the glitz. the glamour and the frivolity of it all just as much as the rest of you do!!!

I adore Christmas.

It's a very precious time of year that fits beautifully into our season of dark days,
foggy mornings and cold numb fingers.

Christmas evokes beautiful memories for us all in some way or another; albeit tiny snippets of smiles for some and oodles of surprises for others...

but for the past few years Christmas has meant worry, sadness and tough times in my little home for one reason or another for our family.
I'm sure I am no different to many out there.
Just because I appear on TV doesn't make me exempt to all the grumbly parts of life.

Losing members of your family so close to this festive period does obviously put a saddened dampner on the time of year and for some I'm sure it is tougher each year and yet you know in you heart that the person (s) you may have lost will have wanted you to still celebrate in style, still sing the same old silly carols and play the same old silly games with your loved ones.

Alot has happened in my family again this year and a few weeks ago I thought I would be facing the same prospect again and yet thankfully to the wonderful peeps of the NHS here in Pterborough, 
I am pleased to say that all my loved ones, near and far will be with me,
all cosied up in our little home doing all of the above....
So.....I consider myself the luckiest lady full of riches right now.


Can I please ask for you all reading this though, to take five mins out to think of all those who are not as lucky as myself in having a huge tree laden with sparkle, a home full of festive smiles and happiness?

Whilst at the hospital I read a notice asking for donations to be placed into Santa's sack
to be given out on Christmas Day to all those patients who will be unable to go home for some reason or another.
Some patients will not be as lucky as hubby with a waiting family eager to have him home.

Without this turning into a Tilly Rose soapbox sermon I'd like to ask you all to consider checking with your local hospital to see if buying a crossword puzzle book, bar of soap, magazine or even a shower gel would help bring a smile or two to someone staying in on a hospital ward this Christmas.....

It doesn't seem alot does it? a magazine?
and yet knowing how much my hubby welcomed such a simple thing, I can guarantee
it will help to bring a festive smile to someone.
So if pennies allow do please consider a little something extra in your basket when you are next at the checkout and pop it in Santa's sack.
Even if your hospital may not be offering the same scheme I am sure there will be something as worth while where you could  do the same for another community.

Thank you for your kindness my lovelies.
A smile is always worth much more than a million diamonds methinks....

x x x

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