Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Fenland Misty Mirrors

Hello lovelies...
November already?
Where does time go?

My poor neglected blog mirrors a very loyal friend who I return to when time allows and yet faithfully awaits my return for my next story...

As I am writing this post I am surrounded by the most beautiful Autumnal sunshine...
the sort that tricks you into thinking it may still be a little summery
out there but in reality it really is quite a shock to the system!

Spidery frost fronds decorate my garden with so many of Mother Nature's gems glistening in the sunlight.

Yes indeedy...Autumn has definitely set out her stall.
She is here to stay for a while so it is time to dig out those snuggly jumpers, tights 
and crocheted blankets. 
The array of colour, texture and smells delight my Virgo soul.
It really is MY time of year and for a couple of months I feel in vogue...

For me, Autumn has always been a reflective time of the year.
A time to start closing the door on life earlier in the day to snuggle under the warmth of home with my loved ones.

As usual I have a whole host of projects on the go to complete during the darker months which
will probably still be sitting there come Springtime but the intention is always good...

I have been working away from home alot this year doing various events and shows 
so it is extra special this year to be slowing down and putting my feet up a little more.

As much as I have absolutely loved doing all the events, exhibiting some of my work,
selling my kits, demonstrating various crafts and meeting so many beautiful people 
from all walks of life....
In truth, I am such a home bird...

My Fen roots are so strong that the feeling of nesting at home with my family whilst the
wild Fen winds blow all around me seep to the edge of every cell of my body.
I yearn for the simplicity of life.

Is that just a Fen thing or just an age related obsession?

So, with harvests all now in, flowers slowly fading, leaves finally falling 
and children already writing their Christmas lists it is time to wish everyone  
Happy Samhain

Samhain is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season
 and the beginning of winter or the "darker half" of the year.

Samhain allows my Fenland soul to rest her weary bones for a while and simply enjoy
the beauty around.
Don't get me wrong...
I don't enjoy the darker side of our year for so many reasons
but we must all embrace things in our lives that are often not our choice.
So with that in mind I welcome the dark into my life for a while
as best as I can...

As our rhythms of life begin to complete their full circle for this year we shall soon be moving on to the next circle.

2016 has been a very enlightening one for me.
I took a huge gamble at the beginning of the year to change direction slightly
and concentrate on projects I really wanted to do rather than was expected to do.
It was definitely a new direction to travel in, a scary one at times 
but none the less a very inspiring one! 
In allowing myself the freedom to explore through my much loved cloth and thread, my world of creativity has expanded immensely.

I've always enjoyed exploring and experimenting but lately
I've so enjoyed throwing loads into the mix of a textile collage, and just like watching a Victoria sponge being baked in an oven,
 watch it evolve right in front of my eyes.....

Capturing my ancient landscape with vintage cloth is just so beautiful to do.
I'm so pleased I haven't lost that 
well known dogged Fen determination deep in my genetic make-up to go against the grain... 
if anything I think it is getting stronger as I get older!
Either way it is making my soul so very happy.

"each new day is a path of wonder,
a different invitation..."
John O'Donohue

Until my next story...
Toodle-ooh for now 

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